Manufacture of a PVC photo box

To make beautiful pictures of your zebra finch, here is a model of photo box to make yourself.

1. Materials needed

- White PVC panel, thickness 5 mm.
- PVC slides in U.
- PVC corners in L
- 1 ultra flat neon with switch.
- Torrilon Ø 10 or 12 grooved.
- Silicone sticks.

2. Cutting the PVC panel

- The PVC panel is cut to form a cube with the following dimensions: Length 38 cm, depth 32 cm, height 32 cm.
- On a wall, a hole 6 cm in diameter (to adjust according to the lens of your camera) is made at the height of the future perch.
- On another wall, an opening 10 cm wide by 12 high is made for the sliding door that will introduce the bird into the box.
- Cut 1 door to close the hole that will be used to photograph the bird (example dimensions for a 6 cm hole: 10 cm x 10 cm).
- Cut 1 door of 12 cm x 14 cm for the opening which will introduce the bird into the box.
- Cut a square of 10 cm x 10 cm which will serve as a base for the perch.

Materiel pour cage photo pvc

3. Gluing the slides

- Cut and glue 2 slides (U-shaped angles) that will slide the door that can obstruct the opening of Ø 6 cm.
- Cut and glue 2 slides (U-shaped angles) that will slide the door that can obstruct the opening 10 cm wide by 12 high.

Cage photo pvc 1

4. Realization of the perch

A crepe rake can do the trick, it avoids the assembly in T.
Otherwise use a grooved torrilon (which will favor the holding of the bird) to make the perch. It should be of equal length to the height of the hole previously made in order to have the camera lens facing the bird.

Drill the base cut before to add the perch.

Cage photo pvc 2

5. Background color

On the model presented, the background is painted in light gray.
To have the choice of the background color (according to the photographed mutation) of the photo box, you can opt for the addition of 2 slides that will allow you to slide a wall or a colored sheet of paper.

6. Assembly

It now remains to glue all the walls with L-brackets. Then glue the extra-flat neon inside, positioned at the top of the wall that has the opening for shooting.

Cage photo pvc 3

Cage photo pvc 4

Your photo box is now ready to welcome your zebras finchs, for beautiful shots !

Photo Photo box Manufacture PVC