False moulting, causes, effects and remedies

Photo fausse mue

1. What are the causes ?

False moulting is not a disease ! It is caused by a sudden change: light, temperature, air flow or stress.

2. The effects of a false moult

The zebra finch enters a period of moult out of season which will weaken it. To avoid during reproduction or competition.
A bird that is a victim of a false moult will need a supply of vitamins and minerals to help the regrowth of the feathers.

3. A remedy used by breeders

To remedy this false moult, there is a method used by breeders to macerate an onion peeled and cut into pieces in one liter of water for 3 to 4 days (protected from light).
Then put a tablespoon of the juice obtained in a liter of water and distribute in the trough for a week by renewing this mixture each day.

4. Why the onion ?

The onion is composed of minerals, trace elements and several vitamins, the ones that have an impact on the growth and the quality of the plumage.
Here is a link that summarizes the composition of the onion: Composition of the onion

5. Conduct to be held

Care should be taken to distribute balanced food and provide vitamins for moulting. Also place the zebra finch in a quiet and well-lit place, away from drafts and temperature changes.

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