• breeding management and traceability on Excel file

    Here is a handy and complete file to download to manage and follow your zebra finch breeding.

    It is suitable for 16 breeding cages. It will be up to you to modify it according to your breeding and your knowledge of Excel software.
    It will take time to build your database of your mandarin diamonds. This breeding management file will serve you well, for example to follow the evolution of your broods, births etc. Through an overall visual with color codes to give you a real-time situation.
    It can also serve you as a historical record to observe the evolution of your breeding.

    Example of monitoring during rearing :

    Exemple suivi d elevage 1

    This file contains many automatisms (formulas, predefined list, automatic dates, conditional formatting, macros, etc.). You will have to discover it and apprehend it at the beginning of its use. Each sheet is printable.

    Important tips :

    - Activate macros to take full advantage of the file.
    - Make a regular backup of your file on a different medium than your PC (USB keys for example).

    Download the file, document in French :  Elevage diamant mandarin 2018  


    1. Dashboard

    Mode d emploi 1 tableau de bord

    2. Calendar 2018

    Mode d emploi 2 calendrier 2018

    3. Diet

    Mode d emploi 3 calendrier alimentaire

    4. Contacts

    Mode d emploi 4 contacts

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  • Certificate of assignment zebra finch

    Tips from a seasoned breeder in hooks:

    "You should urge the zebra finch breeders to yield the birds with a pedigree record, even" home "with the phenotypic color indications, guaranteed colors, possible litters .... And the same information about the parents ...."

    And display in your breeding, in gold letter (or painting) above breeding batteries "A BIRD OF COMPETITION MUST HAVE A CHARACTERISTIC PHENOTYPE OF THE MUTATIONS THAT CONSTITUTE AND KEEP THE TYPE OF ZEBRA FINCH !"

    In order to improve the traceability and to reduce the bad surprises during mating, here is at disposal a model of certificate of cession of zebra finch :

    Certificate of assignment zebra finch (51 Ko)

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  • Genetic simulation software

    Zebra Finches Genetic software that will allow you to make mating simulations.
    Very practical and easy to use, French version. It will give you a percentage result.

    Download the software here:

    Genetic simulation software

    1. Take "Download in .Zip".
    2. Once the uncompressed folder double click on the file: "ZGF_FR.exe" to open the software.

    Overview :

    Logiciel simulation genetique

    To take into account: In the menu of the software> help> note, it is written that the software is not perfect :

    Zebra genetic

    By doing the test when we put for example a gray male black face X a gray female actually it says: "100.0% >> Gray, Black Face, this result is wrong, the result in percentage should be 50% no black face (not mutated) 50% black face (mutated).

    In any case for me I consider this software as a help to quickly visualize a coupling.
    It does not replace the knowledge of the basics of genetics. Nothing like a good old little table scribbled on a piece of paper.

    NB: In some cases, it is possible that when running the software an error message from Windows is displayed: "comdlg32.ocx file missing." You will need to download this missing file to Windows. By doing a search as such: "comdlg32.ocx", you will find how to solve this problem that is not due to the genetic simulation software.

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