• Illustrated glossary of mutations in zebrafinch

    I made this glossary to illustrate in photos the mutations existing in the zebrafinch.
    He can help you identify the mutation (s) of your zebrafinch.

    Important clarification : To identify the genotype of your zebrafinch, it must be taken into account that a zebrafinch can carry a mutation without being mutant. Being a carrier (/) of a mutation means that it is partially present (genetically speaking). from a visual point of view the partially carried mutation will not be seen or only by some clues present in the appearance of the bird.
    It will be necessary in this case, to have an eye informed to determine the genotype. Sometimes docking couplings will be required.
    Your zebrafinch can also have several mutations, the possible combinations are numerous.

    This glossary is based solely on the phenotype (visual characters) and simple mutations (not combined).

    Gray (GR)

    The gray zebrafinch is not a mutation, it is the original type (wild).

    Gris male 1 Gris femelle 1

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