• Genetic simulation software

    Zebra Finches Genetic software that will allow you to make mating simulations.
    Very practical and easy to use, French version. It will give you a percentage result.

    Download the software here:

    Genetic simulation software

    1. Take "Download in .Zip".
    2. Once the uncompressed folder double click on the file: "ZGF_FR.exe" to open the software.

    Overview :

    Logiciel simulation genetique

    To take into account: In the menu of the software> help> note, it is written that the software is not perfect :

    Zebra genetic

    By doing the test when we put for example a gray male black face X a gray female actually it says: "100.0% >> Gray, Black Face, this result is wrong, the result in percentage should be 50% no black face (not mutated) 50% black face (mutated).

    In any case for me I consider this software as a help to quickly visualize a coupling.
    It does not replace the knowledge of the basics of genetics. Nothing like a good old little table scribbled on a piece of paper.

    NB: In some cases, it is possible that when running the software an error message from Windows is displayed: "comdlg32.ocx file missing." You will need to download this missing file to Windows. By doing a search as such: "comdlg32.ocx", you will find how to solve this problem that is not due to the genetic simulation software.

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