• General requirements of the standard (Author : Marcel DUVIVIER)

    Cut :

    From the tip of the bill to the end of the tail: 11.5 cm.

    Type :

    Strong impression - Short and stubby size - Round head - Packed neck - Chest relatively wide and round.
    The head, neck, back and tail should form a single line with a minimal hollow in the neck and at the intersection of the tail at the rump.
    The curve formed by the rounded chest and the belly line should be regular from the throat to the anal area.
    The dorsal line can not be crushed and the ventral line can not fall.
    All parts of the body must be in harmony with each other.

    Head :

    Good round view on all angles - relatively wide front view - Must be in perfect harmony with the beak and body - Eyes placed about the center of the head, alive and dark colors unless the standard of the specified variety does not give it otherwise.

    Beak :

    Short, relatively heavy and conical - Well implanted in relation to the rest of the head - Mandibles overlapping perfectly and of the same length. Mandibles crossed or too long are to penalize.
    The bill can not be chipped or spotted.
    In the male, it is coral red while in the female, it is red orange unless the standard of the variety specified does not otherwise describe it.

    Bearing :

    On the perch, half sitting without the belly feathers touching the perch, the legs being slightly bent.
    The upper body slightly upright, the tail roughly in line with the line of the back. A falling tail will always be penalized. The wings tight to the body, touching the root of the tail without crossing or straightening. It is necessary to maintain a claim in a conformal cage, the bird being as little as possible in the bottom of the cage and also not attached to the bars.

    Paws :

    Red orange unless the standard of the variety specified does not otherwise describe.
    The legs, fingers and nails must be well formed, not damaged or spotted and without scales.

    Condition :

    In perfect health, without deformations nor other infirmities.
    Plumage very smooth, undamaged and complete. Sick, deformed or crippled birds do not have their places at exhibitions.

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