Breeding Monitoring

  • breeding management and traceability on Excel file

    Here is a handy and complete file to download to manage and follow your zebra finch breeding.

    It is suitable for 16 breeding cages. It will be up to you to modify it according to your breeding and your knowledge of Excel software.
    It will take time to build your database of your mandarin diamonds. This breeding management file will serve you well, for example to follow the evolution of your broods, births etc. Through an overall visual with color codes to give you a real-time situation.
    It can also serve you as a historical record to observe the evolution of your breeding.

    Example of monitoring during rearing :

    Exemple suivi d elevage 1

    This file contains many automatisms (formulas, predefined list, automatic dates, conditional formatting, macros, etc.). You will have to discover it and apprehend it at the beginning of its use. Each sheet is printable.

    Important tips :

    - Activate macros to take full advantage of the file.
    - Make a regular backup of your file on a different medium than your PC (USB keys for example).

    Download the file, document in French :  Elevage diamant mandarin 2018  


    1. Dashboard

    Mode d emploi 1 tableau de bord

    2. Calendar 2018

    Mode d emploi 2 calendrier 2018

    3. Diet

    Mode d emploi 3 calendrier alimentaire

    4. Contacts

    Mode d emploi 4 contacts

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  • Banding his zebra finch

    1. Interests in ringing your zebra finch

    This will allow you to know their year of birth and identify them, which will be essential to establish a genealogy and monitoring of your breeding. Each ring will be the identity card of each of your zebra finch.

    In addition, if you want to compete with one of your zebra finch, only those who are banded can participate. Ringed zebra finch of the current and previous year may qualify for a rally.

    Then, a breeder will always prefer to buy a ringed zebra finch on which he can be assured of the year of birth of this one and be informed of its origin.

    2. How and when to pack chicks

    Video that illustrates how to manipulate the chick to ring him:

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